Window Top Treatments

Cornices and valances


Boardless Cornice

The 6” AWF Boardless Cornice™ features evenly gathered fabric secured to our Sturdylight™ PVC valance board. The valance attaches directly to the track for one-step installation.

Boardless Cornice

3.5" Truetrim Valance

Insert one of our fabrics or any of your materials. Then, pick from the trim colors to ensure a one-of-a-kind valance solution for business or home.

3.5" Truetrim Valance

Terraced Cornice

The 6” AWF Terraced Cornice™ features two cascading layers with your choice of textures and colors. Each section can contain vertical fabric, gathered fabric, wallpaper, upholstery fabric, or any other material you choose. Sturdylight™ PVC valance board ensures a light weight valance that attaches directly to the track for near-instant installation. Choose one of 19 valance trim colors to complete your design..

Terraced Cornice

Fashion Pleated Valences

All Fashion Pleated Valances are made with soft loop tape sewn across the top and attach to Fashion Rodding (included).

The standard fullness is 2.5X. Quotes at 2X or 3X fullness are available upon request.

Suitable fabrics are Knit Valance Laces, Sheer and Lace Cut-offs, Railroaded Cotton Prints and Solids.

When using a scalloped lace, we will attempt to pleat according to the pattern repeat.


Straight Pleated Valences

STRAIGHT Valances: May be self-lined or hemmed. When using fabrics without a finished edge, self-lining or finishing the edge with a trim is recommended.


Shaped Hem Pleated Valances

SHAPED HEM Valances: For a shaped hem without trim, the valance must be self-lined or lined with another fabric in order to finish the bottom edge by facing it with the lining. Laces with scalloped edges do not require a lining or trim for shaped hem valances.

Pencil Pleat: 3ó” wide heading tape with soft loop back, ready to attach to hook fastening tape or Fashion Rodding. The tape is sewn onto the fabric and gives a pencil pleat or smocked effect when the strings are pulled.

More Soft Valances


Crowning Pole & Finials

Display a unified finished look using this ingenious decorative pole. The Crowning Pole™ is permanently integrated onto the face of the track.

Choose from mitered returns or finials available in your color and style design. The Crowning Pole™ comes standard on Athena Fold and Tab Trend, and can be added to a Fashion Wrap or our washable verticals.


Trim and Crowning Pole Colors


Finial Designs


Fashion Rodding

Bendable Hook and Loop Valance Solution

Fashion Rodding is a bendable, aluminum I-Beam with hook fastening tape incorporated on the face. It can be used for valances, stationary curtain panels, and stretch panels. Fashion Rodding is bendable by hand to form any size returns and to fit into bay and bow windows. Fashion Rodding is user friendly as it may be bent many times without breaking. It can be cut with a hacksaw or large tin snips. Fashion Rodding can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or attached to a vertical track using extension plates for a one step installation.

Any valance or curtain panel or Pencil Pleat drape with soft loop fastening tape can be attached to the face of the rodding. In addition to flat soft loop tape, Albert's Window Fashions offers a 3" OR 2" wide Pencil Pleat Tape with soft loop backing.

Advantages over Valance Board and Rod Pocket Installations

  • Instantly remove fabric for washing via hook & loop tape
  • Quick re-install by owner
  • Light weight aluminum
  • No need to adjust gathering when installing
  • No rod showing through rod pocket with sheer and lace fabrics
  • Support brackets do not interfere (as for rod pockets)
  • Rounded corners on returns
  • Staples or tacks are not necessary

Easy to Install

  • Wall mount – Install brackets and snap rodding into clips
  • Ceiling mount – Slide clips onto rodding and install onto ceiling
  • Brackets or ceiling clips can be installed every 24-30 inches

Simplifies Bay and Bow window Installations

  • Cut rodding to needed length (or order at exact dimensions)
  • Bend returns or shape as needed (Rodding may be re-bent several times without breaking)

Use for Layered Treatments

  • Fashion rodding may be made into multiple layer rodding for panel and valance combinations by attaching extra ceiling clips to the brackets. One piece of Fashion Rodding may be used for a double treatment by putting self-adhesive hook fastening tape on the backside of rodding. Curtain panels can be attached to the backside with a valance on the front side . . . or two part valances can be attached.

Additional Uses For Fashion Rodding

  • Arch shaped windows
  • Arch shape on wall to form headboard or other wall décor
  • Ceiling mount around bed or bathtub for canopy or privacy panels.
  • Bolt to swag holders to hold fabric in place between holders without sagging.

Fashion Rodding is available in lengths up to 8’9" (105") to meet UPS shipping size limits. It can be easily spliced by butting the two pieces of rodding together and placing an extra bracket on the splice. When the window treatment is in place, the splice is completely covered.