Fan Swags

A fan swag is a half circle made from a straight piece of lace. The sides are drawn up to the rod and the rings or café loops are tied together at the center. Multiple swags may be overlapped with half swags on the ends or returns. The width of each swag will be approximately twice the width of the lace. The length will be the same as the width of the lace. Swags will be tied at the center with plain cord. You may add ribbons or other decorative trim such as silk flowers, ivy, etc.

Fan swags may be overlapped with soft loop tape sewn to the top and attached to Fashion Rodding.

Fan swags may be attached to the back side of the Fashion Rodding. This conceals the bulk that is caused by tying the loops or rings at the center of the swag. The front of the Fashion Rodding may then be covered with a decorative treatment.