Translucent Fashion Wrap

The Translucent Designer Fashion Wrap adds semi-opaque vanes to the Fashion Wrap. These translucent vanes allow light to pass through, giving the fabric's textures and patterns a chance to shine in both open and closed positions . Translucent vanes also maintain privacy without the room darkening effect that solid PVC vanes provide.

The options are unlimited when it comes to adding a valance. All of our custom valances attach directly to the track for one-step installation. Fabric valances are attached using AWF bendable Fashion Rodding with hook tape on the outer surface. Our Crowning Pole™ design integrates with the track for a natural one-piece decorative rod.


  • No Light Gap Feature – Fashion Wrap and Designer Fashion Wrap are both available with a no-light-gap feature for inside mounts upon request. Pricing is bumped up one width for this feature.
  • Lace Hems – as finished by mill unless otherwise specified. Hems in all other fabrics – narrow bead-weighted hem unless otherwise specified.
  • Seamless Fabrics – For 118” fabric on a center close with finished length of 58” or less, add half the fabric yardage shown on the chart. Lace patterns that are approximately 102” can also be cut in half if they do not have a scalloped bottom hem. If using a fabric that is 102” on a system that is a center close, the finished length must be 50” or less.
  • Delivery – Fashion Wrap is a custom fabrication product. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Available Width – Fashion Wrap System is available up to width 235”. Contact AWF customer service for pricing.